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Dye Sublimation with PoDCo

Dye sublimation is the transition of a substance (dye) from the solid phase directly to the vapor phase. During the dye sublimation process an image is “tattooed” into the powder coat base. This compares to other processes which decorate only the surface of the base material.  As a result, dye sublimation is a more durable process than other finishes. There are many nuances to the process of dye sublimation, so it’s important to partner with a company that is experienced with the process.  With our years of experience in the process, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our results.
The Dye Sublimation Process
Step 1

Parts are thoroughly cleaned, and a base powder coat is applied to the substrate.

Step 2

The product is wrapped in sublimation material.

Step 3

Heat & Pressure is applied for a specific amount of time.  The product is removed from the oven and the sublimation material is discarded

Step 4

Parts are inspected, packaged and shipped.

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